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A BILL OF QUANTITIES is in effect a schedule of rates used to evaluate changes to the CONTRACT PRICE.

Strictly speaking, a CHANGE to the quantities will not be considered a CLAIM, however, changes to the quantities may invalidate the RATE and so could result in a CLAIM for a change to the unit rate to be applied.

What is a 'CONTRACT'?
A CONTRACT is a predetermined arrangement between the PARTIES setting out the precise details of the reciprocal arrangement. It encompasess details of the RIGHTS and OBLIGATIONS of each of the PARTIES to the agreement.

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What is a 'CLAIM'?
It seems obvious, until you try to define it precisely. So here is our definition, from a contractual point of view:

A 'CLAIM' is the excercise of a right or benefit from the other contracting party that is not more explicitly set out in a CONTRACT, and results from a change of circumstances compared to that known when the contract was entered into.

For example, an increased quantity would not be a (contractual) claim, when the Contract provides for a change of quantities, eg when there is a BILL OF QUANTITIES.


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